Somewhere in the world, each of our beers is local

Craft beers are typically brewed by small, independent breweries in a manner
that is very much
about the craft and chemistry, rather than mass manufacturing.
It is the art of taking a beer from
history and crafting it to become its own unique
creation. Only the finest ingredients and processes
are used. Join us to
experiment and indulge in our impressive selection of craft beers.

Beer has its own life and culture, with a rich history dating back to 6000 B.C.
Craft Beer is more
about the passion for brewing, more unique than uniform, and
more art than process. A Craft Brewer
is one that takes a beer from history and
puts a spin on it to make it their own…a Brewer that only
uses the highest quality
ingredients in the effort to create a beer that can be enjoyed by many.

There’s a whole lotta beer here

Get your taste buds ready because we have a staggering selection of craft beers on tap and available in cans and bottles, with over 500 different beers from more than 40 countries. World of Beer partners with thousands of craft breweries to source more than 8,000 unique beers from around the globe. At any one time, one of our World of Beer locations will have more than 500 of these beers in the cooler and 50 on tap. We offer the most unique and complex beers from local, domestic and imported brewers. Roasted , fruity, honey, sweet, malt, bitter, spiced…what’s your flavor? Pull up a stool and sample away.

Packaged beers are also available for retail sale, so you can mix and match a six pack to take a little World of Beer home with you.

Dedication to Quality

At World of Beer, we take a great deal of pride in serving our customers the highest quality beer. We have a great deal of focus on every aspect of the beer that we serve from using the appropriate “Beer Clean” glassware, proper pouring techniques, and quality assuring storage of our product. Our staff has as much pride and passion in serving our customers a beer as the brewer takes in making the beer.